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Products From The Honolulu Field Station

A picture of coral
Coral disease cards available as PDFs


Below are links to sea turtle or seabird necropsy manuals (various languages) or scientific papers (English) on wildlife diseases, corals, fish, sea turtles, birds.

Sea Turtle Necropsy Manual

English language edition (PDF)
Spanish language edition (PDF)
Italian language edition (PDF)
Japanese language edition (PDF)
Chinese (simplified) edition (PDF)
Chinese (traditional) edition (PDF)
French language edition (PDF)
Portuguese language edition (PDF)
Persian language edition (PDF)

Seabird Necropsy Manual

English language edition (PDF)
Spanish language edition (PDF)
French language edition (PDF)
Portuguese language edition (PDF)

Collecting corals for histopathology. A practical guide

English language edition (PDF)
Spanish language edition (PDF)

Dossier of documents for China/USA Sea Turtle Workshop – Hawaii 2014

Sea Star Necropsy Protocol


Histology Manual for Tripneustes gratilla (Collector Urchin)


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