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Hon Ip

Title: Microbiologist, Virology Laboratory
Phone: 608-270-2464

Education and/or Training

B.S. University of Toronto, Canada Microbiology and Parasitology
M.S. University of Toronto, Canada Microbiology and Parasitology
Ph.D. The Rockefeller University, New York Molecular Parasitology

Areas of specialization and or research interests

Molecular biology
Wildlife Disease
Emerging Disease
Avian influenza

Current USGS Research and Projects:

National surveillance for the introduction of H5N1 by migratory birds to North America
Collection and identification of influenza viruses in wild birds and other animals
Elucidation of the role of the environment in influenza viruses persistence and transmission
Identification and characterization of novel viruses from wildlife
Development and validation of new viral detection and diagnostic tests and technologies

Professional Experience

2008 – Present Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
2006 – Present Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Population Health Services
2005 – Present Microbiologist, Diagnostic Virology Laboratory, National Wildlife Health Center
2003 – 2004 Vice President, Product development, Third Wave Technologies, INc.

Honors and/or Awards

Invited Speaker 2009 The Department of the Interior wild bird H5N1 surveillance program. 7th International Symposium on Avian Influenza Athens, GA
Invited Speaker 2009 Avian Influenza research at the DOI National Wildlife Health Center. CDC Influenza:Human/Animal Interface meeting Athens, GA
Invited Speaker 2008 The Department of the Interior Avian Influenza Surveillance Program in Wild Birds. USGS Interdisciplinary microbiology meeting Estes Park, CO
Invited Speaker 2008 The National Wildlife Health Center and Virological Research. National Research Program, Research Committee Meeting Shepherdstown, WV
Invited Speaker 2008 Avian influenza research at the National Wildlife Health Center. Animal-Human Interface Cooperative Agreement Investigators Meeting at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA
Invited Speaker 2008 Avian influenza in wild birds: Results from the Department of Interior Surveillance Program. The second US-Chinese conference on avian influenza in wild birds National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, VW
Invited Speaker 2008 H5N1: Where is the world at? Native American Fish and Wildlife Society, Wildlife Disease Workshop Madison, WI

Selected Publications

Jennelle CS, Carstensen M, Hildebrand EC, Cornicelli L, Wolf P, Grear DA, Ip HS, VanDalen KK, Minicucci LA (2016) Surveillance for highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in wild birds during outbreaks in domestic poultry, Minnesota, 2015: Emerging Infectious Diseases vol 22 no7.

Hon S. Ip, Robert Jerome Dusek, Barbara Bodenstein, Mia Kim Torchetti, Paul M. DeBruyn, Kristin Mansfield, Thomas J. DeLiberto, and Jonathan Sleeman (2016) High rates of detection of Clade HPAI H5 viruses in wild birds in the Pacific Northwest during the winter of 2014/2015. Avian Diseases In-Press.

Lee DH, Bhal J, Torchetti MK, Killian ML, Ip HS, Swayne DE (2016) Highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses and generation of novel reassortants,United States, 2014-2015: Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol 22 no7 p.1283-1285.

White, C. L., Schuler, K. L., Thomas, N. J., Webb, J. L., Saliki, J. T., Ip, H. S., Dubey, J. P., and Frame, E. R., 2013. Pathogen exposure and blood chemistry in the Washington population of northern sea otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni). Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49:857-899.

Hall, J. S., TeSlaa, J. L., Nashold, S.W., Halpin, R. A., Stockwell, T., Wentworth, D. E., Dugan, V., and Ip, H. S., 2013. Evolution of a reassortant North American gull influenza virus lineage: drift, shift and stability. Virology Journal 10:179.

Vogel, J. R., Griffin, D. W., Ip, H. S., Ashbolt, N. J., Moser, M. T., Lu, J., Beitz, M. K., Ryu, H., Santo Domingo, J. W., 2013. Impacts of Migratory Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) on Microbial Water Quality in the Central Platte River, Nebraska, USA. Water Air Soil Pollut 224:1576-1592.

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Francy, D. S., Stelzer, E. A., Brady, A. M. G., Huitger, C., Bushon, R. N., Ip, H. S., Ware, M. W., Villegas, E. N., Gallardo, V., and Lindquist, H. D. A., 2013. Comparison of filters for concentrating microbial indicators and pathogens in lake-water samples. Applied Environmental Microbiology 79:1342-1352.

Anthony, S. J., St. Leger, J. A., Pugliares, K., Ip, H. S., Chan, J. M., Carpenter, Z. W., Navarrete-Macias, I., Sanchez-Leon, M., Saliki, J. T.,Pedersen, J., Karesh, W., Daszak, P., Rabadan, R., Rowles, T., Lipkin,W. I., 2012. Emergence of fatal avian influenza in new England harbor seals. mBio 3:e00166-12.

Henaux, V., Samuel, M. D., Dusek, R. J., Fleskes, J. P., and Ip, H. S., Presence of avian influenza viruses in waterfowl and wetlands during summer in California: Are non-migratory birds a potential reservoir for avian influenza? PLoS One 7:e31471.

Ip, H. S., Dusek, R. J., and Heisey, D. M., The effect of swab sample choice on the detection of avian influenza in apparently healthy wild birds. Avian Diseases 56:144-119.

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Ramey. A. M., Pearce, J. M., Reeves, A. B., Franson, J. C., Petersen, M.R., and Ip, H. S. 2011. Evidence for limited exchange of avian influenza viruses between seaducks and dabbling ducks at Alaska Peninsula coastal lagoons. Archives of Virology 156:1813-1821.

Arsnoe, D. M., Ip, H. S., and Owen, J. C., 2011. Influence of body condition on influenza A virus infection in mallard ducks: Experimental infection data. PLoS One 6:e22633.

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Torrence, S. M., Green, D. E., Benson, C. J., Ip, H. S., Smith, L. M., and McMurry, S. T., 2010. A Southern High Plains Ranavirus isolate, a possible novel Ranavirus, infects Pseudacris clarkii tadpoles in playa wetlands in the Southern High Plains, Texas.  Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 22:65-72.

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