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Robin Russell

Title: Research Statistician
Phone: 608-270-2474

Education and/or Training

B.S. 1995 Reed College, OR Biology
M.S. 1999 Colorado State University, CO Zoology
Ph.D. 2003 Purdue University, IN Forestry Natural Resources

Professional Experience

Research Statistician USGS, National Wildlife Health Center, Madison, WI

Biometrician Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (MFWP), Bozeman, MT

Ecologist USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Bozeman, MT

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dept. of Ecology, Montana State, Bozeman, MT

Selected Publications

Recent Pubs

White, A. M., P. Manley, G. Tarbill, T. Richardson, R.E. Russell, H. Safford, and S. Dobrowski.  2016. Avian community responses to post-fire forest structure: Implications for fire management in mixed conifer forest. Animal Conservation. 19:256-264

Richgels, K.E., R.E. Russell, G. M. Bron, and T.E. Rocke. 2016 .Evaluation of Yersinia pestis transmission pathways for sylvatic plague in the western U.S. Ecohealth.

Richgels, K.E., R.E. Russell, M.J. Adams, E.H. Grant, and C.L. White. 2015. Spatial risk assessment of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans introduction and infection of United States salamanders. Royal Society Open Science. 3: 150616.

Hall, J.S., R.E. Russell, J. C. Franson, C. Soos, R.J. Dusek, R. B. Allen, S. W. Nashold, J. L. TeSlaa, J. E. Jónsson, J. R. Ballard, N. Jane Harms,and J. Brown. 2015. Avian influenza ecology in marine waterfowl: not all ducks are created equal. PLoS One 10: e0144524.

Proffitt. K.M, J. F. Goldberg,  M. Hebblewhite, R.E. Russell, B. Jimenez, H. Robinson, K.Pilgrim, and M.K. Schwartz. 2015. Integrating resource selection and harvest into spatial capture-recapture models for large carnivores. Ecosphere. 6:1–15. IP-063599.

Russell, R.E., W. E. Thogmartin, R. A. Erickson, J. Szymanski, and K. Tinsley. 2015. Estimating the recovery potential of little brown bats in the eastern United States in the face of white-nose syndrome. Ecological Modeling. 314: 111–117.

Russell, R.E., J.A. Gude, N. J . Anderson, J. M. Ramsey. 2015.  Identifying priority chronic wasting disease Surveillance areas for mule deer in Montana.  Journal Wildlife Management. 79:989–997.

Russell, R.E. 2014. Spatial-Capture Recapture, J.A. Royle, R.B. Chandler, R. Sollmann, and B. Gardner. 2014. Academic Press, Waltham, MA. Journal of Wildlife Management.

Russell, R.E., K. Tinsley, R. A. Erickson, W. E. Thogmartin, and J. Szymanski. 2014. Estimating the spatial distribution of wintering little brown bat populations in the eastern United States.  Ecology and Evolution. 4:3746–3754.

Abbott, R., R. Hudak, R. Mondesire, L. Baeten, R.E. Russell, and T. E. Rocke. 2014. A rapid field test for sylvatic plague exposure in wild animals. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 50: 384–388

Jankowski, M., R.E. Russell, J.C. Franson, R.J. Dusek, M.K. Hines, M. Gregg, and E.K. Hofmeister. 2014. Corticosterone-metabolite concentrations in greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) are associated with the presence of cattle grazing. Range Ecology and Management. 67: 237–246.

Heisey, D.M, C.S. Jennelle, R.E. Russell, and D. P. Walsh. 2014. Using auxiliary information to improve wildlife disease surveillance when infected animals are not detected: a Bayesian approach. PLoS ONE 9: e89843.

Russell, R.E. and J. C. Franson. 2014. Causes of mortality in eagles from case submission to the National Wildlife Health Center 1975-2013. 2014. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 38:697–704.

Route, W. M., R.E. Russell, A. B. Lindstrom, M. J. Strynar, and R. Key. 2014. Spatial and temporal patterns in concentrations of perfluorinated compounds in bald eagle nestlings in the upper Midwestern United States.  Environmental Science and Technology. 48: 6653–6660.

Franson, J. C., and R.E. Russell. 2014. Lead and Eagles: demographic and pathological characteristics of poisoning and exposure levels associated with other causes of mortality. Ecotoxicology 23: 1722-1731.

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