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Susan Knowles

Title: Diagnostic Pathologist
Phone: 608-270-2462

Education and/or Training

B.S. 1995 Bucknell University Biology
D.V.M. 2006 Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Residency 2009 University of Georgia Anatomic and Aquatic Pathology
DACVP 2011 American College of Veterinary Pathologists Diplomate Anatomic Pathology
Ph.D. 2013 University of Georgia Veterinary Pathology

Areas of Specialization and or Research Interests

Wildlife Pathology
Aquatic Pathology
Invertebrate Pathology
Novel Virus Discovery

Professional Experience

2013 – Present Diagnostic Pathologist, U.S. Geological Survey, National Wildlife Health Center, Madison WI
2006 – 2013 Resident of Anatomic and Aquatic Pathology and Graduate Assistant, Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
2003 – 2003 Veterinary Officer, Junior COSTEP, United States Public Health Service, Rockville, MD stationed at NIH, Diagnostic and Research Services Branch, Veterinary Pathology, Bethesda, MD
1996 – 2002 Natural Resources Biologist, Maryland Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Stranding Coordinator, Fish and Wildlife Health Program, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Cooperative Oxford Laboratory, Oxford, MD
1995 – 1996 Histology Technician, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Cooperative Oxford Laboratory, Oxford, MD

Professional Activities and/or Memberships

American College of Veterinary Pathologists
International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine

Selected Publications

Salter CE, O’Donnell K, Sutton DA, Marancik DP, Knowles S, Clauss TM, Berliner AL, Camus AC: Dermatitis and systemic mycosis in a group of lined seahorses Hippocampus erectus associated with a marine-adapted pathogen within the Fusarium solani species complex. Dis Aquat Org 101(1):23-31, 2012.

Page-Karjian A, Knowles S, Howerth E, Berliner A, Clauss T, Hyatt M, Camus A: Pathology in practice. J Am Vet Med Assoc 241(9):1159-1161, 2012.

Knowles S, Blas-Machado U, Butler AM, Gomez-Ibañez SE, Lowder MQ, Fayrer-Hosken RA: Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma associated with a retained molar in an Oldenburg mare. J Vet Diagn Invest 22:987-990, 2010.

Knowles S, Uhl EW, Blas-Machado U, Butler AM: Intrapericardial ectopic thyroid carcinoma in a cat. J Vet Diagn Invest 22:1010-1013, 2010.

Brown YK, Knowles S, Fiorello CV, Camus MS, Howerth EW: Pathology in practice. Morphologic diagnosis: Uterine adenocarcinoma with metastasis to the lungs, diaphragm, spleen, mesentery, and cecum. J Am Vet Med Assoc 237:1257-1259, 2010.

Knowles S, Hrubec TC, Smith SA, Bakal RS: Hematology and plasma chemistry reference intervals for cultured shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum). Vet Clin Pathol 35:434-440, 2006.

Blanchard TW, Santiago NT, Lipscomb TP, Garber RL, McFee WE, Knowles S: Two novel alphaherpesviruses associated with fatal disseminated infections in Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. J Wild Dis 37:297-305, 2001.

Evans JJ, Norden A, Cresswell F, Insley K, and Knowles S: Marine sea turtle strandings in Maryland, 1991 to 1995. The Maryland Naturalist 41:23-34, 1997.

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