Welcome to WHISPers, a Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership event reporting system with current and historic information on wildlife morbidity or mortality events in North America. Events typically involve five or more sick or dead wild animals observed in the same general location and time period. This information is collected opportunistically and provided here by multiple State, Federal, and other agencies to enhance collective understanding of disease in wildlife populations.

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● = Mortality/Morbidity
▲ = Surveillance
Shapes located at center of county
Shape color determined by the primary diagnosis of its most recent event
Nut/Met/Dev = Nutrition/Metabolism/Development
TypeEvent IDStart DateEnd DateAffectedStatesCountiesSpeciesEvent Diagnosis
1603515/3/2017 48CAImperial, CAEared GrebeOpen
1603454/14/2017 20KYOhio, KYWood FrogOpen
1603424/1/2017 43CAVentura, CA; Santa Barbara, CAPacific Loon, Pacific Loon, Brandt's Cormorant, Pacific Loon, Unidentified Grebe, Unidentified Grebe, Unidentified Loon, Brandt's Cormorant, Unidentified Cormorant, Unidentified Loon, Red-throated Loon, Unidentified Perch, Unidentified Loon, Pacific Loon, Unidentified Cormorant, Unidentified Loon, California Brown PelicanOpen
1603013/27/2017 335MN, WIHouston, MN; La Crosse, WILesser Scaup, Lesser Scaup, Ruddy Duck, American CootTrematodiasis (Sphaeridiotrema sp.), Trematodiasis (Cyathocotyle bushiensis)
1603003/20/2017 19FLNassau, FLBrown Pelican, OspreyEmaciation (starvation)
1602983/19/20173/22/2017153OHSandusky, OHUnidentified Gull, Ring-billed GullOpen
1603413/18/2017 37WIKenosha, WI; Racine, WIRaccoon, Gray Fox, Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Eastern CottontailCanine Distemper, Undetermined
1602993/10/20173/20/201730OKOklahoma, OKMuscovy DuckDuck Plague
1602963/8/20173/18/201731MOBollinger, MOSnow Goose, Greater White-fronted Goose, Ross' Goose, Ring-necked DuckAvian Cholera
1603303/7/20173/7/201713SDMeade, SDCanada GooseToxicosis (zinc phosphide) [suspect]
1603313/5/2017 12KYMcCreary, KYEastern Red-spotted Newt, Wood Frog, Unidentified amphibianUndetermined
1603282/27/20172/27/201717MNCarver, MNSnow GoosePenetrating Trauma (gunshot)
1603022/22/20173/18/201737CARiverside, CAUnidentified Duck, Mallard, Ring-necked Duck, American WigeonBotulism Type C
1603272/20/20172/28/201763MSGrenada, MSLesser Snow Goose, Ross' GooseAflatoxicosis [suspect]
1603492/20/20172/21/20171MADukes, MANorthern Long-Eared BatWhite-nose Syndrome
1603502/18/20174/30/201780MNGoodhue, MNLittle Brown BatWhite-nose Syndrome
1603472/17/20174/30/20172WIRichland, WILittle Brown Bat, Northern Long-Eared Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle (AKA Tri-colored)White-nose Syndrome [suspect]
1603482/15/20173/30/20170RINewport, RIEnvironmental SampleUndetermined
1603242/9/20172/13/201712WASkagit, WATrumpeter SwanToxicosis (plant, NOS) [suspect]
1603392/9/20173/16/20177200IDCanyon, IDMallard, Snow Goose, Canada Goose, Red-winged Blackbird, American Coot, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Wood Duck, Greater White-fronted Goose, Northern Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk, Unidentified Magpie, MuskratAvian Cholera

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