Welcome to WHISPers, a Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership event reporting system with current and historic information on wildlife morbidity or mortality events in North America. Events typically involve five or more sick or dead wild animals observed in the same general location and time period. This information is collected opportunistically and provided here by multiple State, Federal, and other agencies to enhance collective understanding of disease in wildlife populations.

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● = Mortality/Morbidity
▲ = Surveillance
Shapes located at center of county
Shape color determined by the primary diagnosis of its most recent event
Nut/Met/Dev = Nutrition/Metabolism/Development
TypeEvent IDStart DateEnd DateAffectedStatesCountiesSpeciesEvent Diagnosis
1603766/22/2017 5NYSuffolk, NYCommon Tern, Roseate TernOpen
1603756/20/2017 200CALos Angeles, CACalifornia NewtOpen
1603686/19/2017 19VAAccomack, VAGreater ShearwaterOpen
1603696/8/2017 4MAEssex, MA; Middlesex, MAEastern Tufted Titmouse, Eastern Tufted Titmouse, Eastern Tufted TitmouseOpen
1603706/6/2017 5IDAda, IDMourning DoveOpen
1603726/4/2017 8WV, MDJefferson, WV; Prince Georges, MD; Howard, MD; Washington, MD; Montgomery, MDRed-shouldered Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, Red-tailed HawkOpen
1603666/3/2017 42AKNome, AKCommon Murre, Unidentified Gull, Black-legged KittiwakeOpen
1603935/30/2017 128CASan Diego, CALeast TernOpen
1603655/29/2017 35DCDistrict of Columbia, DCBlue JayEmaciation (starvation)
1603675/24/2017 11AZPima, AZBarn OwlOpen
1603615/22/2017 7CASan Mateo, CARough-skinned NewtParasitism (Trematode, NOS)
1603595/21/20175/22/201793DCDistrict of Columbia, DCMallardIntestinal Coccidiosis (Coccidia, NOS), Schistosomiasis
1603625/21/20175/22/201720SDMinnehaha, SDBarn SwallowUndetermined, Emaciation (NOS)
1603635/20/20175/23/201720SDLincoln, SDBarn SwallowUndetermined, Emaciation (NOS) [suspect]
1603715/16/2017 190NDMountrail, NDUnidentified Gull, Common Tern, Piping PloverOpen
1603645/16/2017 5ILWilliamson, ILEastern Bluebird, Tree SwallowOpen
1603605/9/20175/22/201761NEKnox, NE; Dakota, NEBarn Swallow, Tree SwallowUndetermined
1603585/6/20175/23/201725UTWashington, UTUnidentified GrebeUndetermined, Drowning (NOS), Emaciation (starvation), Schistosomiasis
1603515/3/2017 86CAImperial, CAEared GrebeEmaciation (NOS)

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