Welcome to WHISPers, a Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership event reporting system with current and historic information on wildlife morbidity or mortality events in North America. Events typically involve five or more sick or dead wild animals observed in the same general location and time period. This information is collected opportunistically and provided here by multiple State, Federal, and other agencies to enhance collective understanding of disease in wildlife populations.

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● = Mortality/Morbidity
▲ = Surveillance
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Shape color determined by the primary diagnosis of its most recent event
Nut/Met/Dev = Nutrition/Metabolism/Development
TypeEvent IDStart DateEnd DateAffectedStatesCountiesSpeciesEvent Diagnosis
100011/1/19101/5/1910100WIPortage, WIUnidentified WaterfowlIntestinal Coccidiosis (Coccidia, NOS)
100006/1/19109/1/1910100000UTBox Elder, UTUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism [suspect]
100029/1/191212/1/191245000UTBox Elder, UTUnidentified Waterfowl, American Avocet, Unidentified Grebe, Unidentified Heron, Unidentified Shorebird, Black-necked StiltBotulism Type C
100038/22/19139/22/191344462UTBox Elder, UTUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100049/1/191312/1/191330000UTWeber, UTUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100051/1/19143/1/1914100FLBrevard, FLEastern Brown PelicanOpen [suspect]
100091/1/19153/1/19151000CAButte, CATundra SwanOpen [suspect], Avian Cholera [suspect]
100081/2/19154/2/19151800WAAdams, WA; Grant, WA; Franklin, WA; Benton, WA; Kittitas, WA; Lincoln, WA; Douglas, WACoyote, Coyote, Coyote, Coyote, Coyote, Coyote, CoyoteRabies
100077/1/19159/20/1915586UTBox Elder, UTUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism
100067/1/19159/1/1915100CAKern, CAUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism [suspect]
1001112/1/19231/2/1924100MDDorchester, MDCanvasbackToxicosis (organophosphate or carbamate, NOS)
100122/1/19243/24/192422000CAStanislaus, CAMule DeerFoot and Mouth Disease
100151/1/19254/1/1925100ORHarney, ORUnidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100141/1/19254/1/1925300CAGlenn, CA; Colusa, CA; Sutter, CAUnidentified Waterfowl, Unidentified Waterfowl, Unidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100161/1/19254/1/1925200NMEddy, NMJackrabbitTularemia
100136/1/192510/1/192550000CA, ORModoc, CA; Klamath, ORUnidentified Waterfowl, Unidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100171/1/19274/1/19272000CA, ORModoc, CA; Klamath, ORUnidentified Gull, Unidentified Gull, Unidentified Waterfowl, Unidentified WaterfowlBotulism Type C
100181/1/19271/1/1927100NV JackrabbitTularemia
100197/15/19298/15/1929 OR, CAKlamath, OR; Modoc, CAUnidentified Duck, Unidentified DuckBotulism [suspect]
100202/15/19302/20/1930 LAVermilion, LAUnidentified DuckToxicosis (lead)

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