Welcome to WHISPers, a Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership event reporting system with current and historic information on wildlife morbidity or mortality events in North America. Events typically involve five or more sick or dead wild animals observed in the same general location and time period. This information is collected opportunistically and provided here by multiple State, Federal, and other agencies to enhance collective understanding of disease in wildlife populations.

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● = Mortality/Morbidity
▲ = Surveillance
Shapes located at center of county
Shape color determined by the primary diagnosis of its most recent event
Nut/Met/Dev = Nutrition/Metabolism/Development
TypeEvent IDStart DateEnd DateAffectedStatesCountiesSpeciesEvent Diagnosis
1606026/21/2018 1000MNOtter Tail, MNMudpuppy SalamanderOpen
1606016/18/2018 50FLPutnam, FLGopher FrogOpen
1606006/12/2018 20WAPierce, WAUnidentified Gull, Unidentified Duck, Unidentified MoleOpen
1606036/10/2018 7ILWill, ILDouble-crested CormorantOpen
1605996/7/2018 4CASan Mateo, CAWestern GullOpen
1605985/25/2018 14IDAda, IDAmerican CrowOpen
1605875/17/20185/19/201819VANorthampton, VALaughing Gull, Herring Gull, Great Black-backed GullToxicosis (NOS) [suspect], Undetermined
1605895/14/2018 37AZMaricopa, AZWhite-winged Dove, Mourning Dove, House Finch, Inca Dove, Northern MockingbirdOpen
1605885/14/20185/21/201820KSStafford, KSOrnate Box TurtleUndetermined
1605845/7/20185/18/201813ILLake, ILDouble-crested CormorantPenetrating Trauma (gunshot)
1605815/2/2018 602AKNome, AKThick-billed Murre, Common Murre, Unidentified Murre, Unidentified Murre, Horned Puffin, Black-legged KittiwakeEmaciation (NOS)
1605964/30/20185/1/201875WIOneida, WIEastern Red-spotted NewtUndetermined, Undetermined [suspect]
1605834/30/20185/11/20185WILa Crosse, WIMuskratTrauma (NOS)
1605854/25/20185/11/201827MNFreeborn, MNAmerican Coot, Canada Goose, Blue-winged Teal, Mallard, Gadwall, Wood DuckUndetermined, Toxicosis (lead)
1605934/25/20184/25/201822WIBrown, WIMuskratTularemia
1605924/24/20184/25/20186WIWood, WICommon RedpollSalmonellosis
1605864/23/20185/5/201846WIOneida, WICommon RedpollSalmonellosis
1605824/23/20185/18/201820KYClark, KYAmerican ToadUndetermined
1605804/18/20184/25/20183100UTDavis, UTEared Grebe, Ruddy Duck, American Wigeon, Northern Shoveler, California Gull, American Coot, Northern Pintail, Redhead Duck, Lesser Scaup, Green-winged TealAvian Cholera
1605794/17/20184/27/2018104MNKandiyohi, MNAmerican CootPneumonia [suspect]

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